1. What is a coach robot walk?

Our robotic coach hike is a family of products dedicated to the rehabilitation of the lower limbs of patients with disorders of neural origin, spinal cord or physical. This family of products is manufactured by a company called Technology LINDA SRL, in the city of Tandil (Argentina); under the registered RealWalker or Lazarus-Gym brands.

All treatment where the patient must be recommended to walking as a basic exercise, may include the use of our device; the great advantage is that no matter if the patient can not walk, or if you can not stand upright, if he can or not balance.

2. What is it for?

To train passive trekking in: cerebral palsy, spina bifida, stroke, spinal cord injury, hydrocephalus, hemiplegia, muscular dystrophy, elderly, Parkinson, Alzheimer, diparesis spastic, quadriplegia, and so on.

3. Is there an age limit to use RealWalker?

Babies who can not walk, they fail to support its own weight, or more than fail to move; They can rehabilitate training to build muscle mass. Of course, it is recommended that infants begin after the first year. The elderly or very old people who can not walk will be borne by the harness for rehabilitation. Therefore, there is no age limit.

You can use the device as long as recommended by medical personnel.

4. My diagnosis is not listed, can I use it?

We are not entitled to ensure that the device will help people with specific diagnosis, we are Computer PhD (not medicine), we apply robotics for rehabilitation.

It will be a pleasure to evacuate your doubts, but the last word should have the physiatrist or neurologist or physiotherapist or specialist who treats medical rehabilitation. Our devices do play the patient the exact movement of the walk, which causes the reeducation (or rehabilitation or retraining) in the patient, who manages to regain control of the walk (knowing which muscles move and which are not in every part of the walk).

5. What difference have the various devices together?

The PERSONAL device is designed for use by a single person is a product for the patient to rehabilitate at home. Therefore it will be configured to weight, height, size and stability requirements. The KID has the same characteristics of PERSONAL, but stride length and leg separation of a small child.

The CLINIC device allows easily setting: patient weight, patient size, patient height and speed step. These configurations will be much more easily than in Personal; otherwise, the CLINIC device is more robust because it must withstand more intensive use.

6. What difference does between the walker RealWalker and Lazarous-Gym?

It is actually the same device, built for the same purpose to two different trade marks.

“Realwalker” is a research project where all technologies are tested, where they are tested and analyzed materials, where production lines of the devices, where experiments on the control software are developed, etc.

“Lazarus Para-Gym Treadmill” is the business line of the company that allows the user to access the technology in a device of passive training of the lower limbs.

7. What if I buy the kids and my child grows and must use the Personal?

The company policy is to accompany each patient as he needs. Therefore your KID device receive part payment for the PERSONAL. The model change cost about 10% and 20% of the cost of PERSONAL, depending on the operating status of the device.

8. Can I request a RealWalker testing sesion?

To request a demonstration of our devices just contact us through our “Contact” section, or send a mail to: info@realwalker.con.ar.

A specialized consultant will contact you to set the date and time assigned.

9. Where can I try it on?

We have a room in Tandil testing devices. For now if you want to try our devices, you should contact us and make an appointment for testing. We communicate with you and agree a schedule.

Sometimes, at the request of any entity we test in other cities for many people. To do this you should contact request at info@realwalker.com.ar.

10. At what point when goes on sale in Argentina?

The technology of these devices can now be purchased on the product Lazarus Para- Gym Treadmill. This device provides the user with all the technology developed for passive training of lower limbs.

11. Where I can get it?

In Argentina you contacting the company, the price and payment is defined, and all ready to buy; you buy it and you send it by the carrier that you want.

In other countries dependent on export policy in force in Argentina with that country. Please contact to find out.

12. In which countries I can get it?

This product can be purchased from anywhere in the world. To purchase the device simply contact us via our Contact section, give us all the information it deems necessary and we will contact you to define the FOB price.

13. What is the buying process?

Once you have selected the required device (Personal, Clinics and Kids), the company define the final price and expiry date of the offer. After receiving the money delivery (normally 50%), the device delivery is defined (maximum two months, for now). Once the device is ready and tested, it communicates with the buyer to deposit the rest of the money. We send the device by the company that you specify.

14. What forms of payment are accepted?

Cash, no problems.

Bank Transfer, once the conditions are accepted will send the data of the accounts where the money is deposited. When you enter the check operation is considered as completed.

Credit and debit cards.


Checks or money orders without problems, when the check or money order comes in, the transaction is considered as completed.

Checks to deferred date (Argentina), depends on the arrangement agreed with the company.

PagoFacil, RapiPago, Red Link or NET Province for Argentina.

15. How does the delivery?

Delivery time depends on the production batch. It takes no more than two months, usually this period may be much lower (approximately 15-25 days).

The price covers only the transfer to the transport in the city of manufacture.

16. How the device is sended? How much is the shipping?

The device is packed in a wooden bucket that protects and facilitates transport.

The cube size is 110x60x65 cm long, wide and high respectively, and the weight of the packaged device is up to 85kg (Personal and Children).

The cube size is 150x80x80 cm long, wide and high respectively, and the weight of the packaged device is up to 95kg; for Clinics.

With this data you can request a quote for transportation from the city of Tandil anywhere in the country or abroad in any company (the carrier chooses and hires the buyer). If there are no direct transport it is advisable to transport stopping in Buenos Aires or in Mar del Plata and Bahia Blanca.

For international orders, please contact the administration (info@realwalker.com.ar) for a quote for door-to-door commerce (DHL or UPS for example).

17. Can we buy from other countries?

The price of the device is in Tandil, more export taxes. The final FOB price depends on the country to which you want to carry the device.

For a Door-to-Door quote send your full name, city and destination address (with zip code), tax identification, and telephone number.

18. How many times a week should use RealWalker?

The rehabilitation robotic devices must be scheduled and followed by a physical therapist, physiotherapist or who is in charge of it. There are many opinions, many say 30 minutes a day on weekdays can serve. Others advocate very intensive practice, for that reason recommend the use of the device all you can. Some experts recommend three daily sessions of 30 minutes.

19. Does the robotic rehabilitation has scientific background?

Robotic rehabilitation is based on several scientific studies with international publications, which maintains that “walking teaches the body, and brain, to walk”.

To access these items, order them by mail.

Moreover, methodologies which makes walking the patient’s recovery, doctors always recommend that we should walk, then with these devices you can walk despite any diagnosis is based.

20. What do I need to start using RealWalker?

First, you should have the support of a physiotherapist to begin using the device. The physiotherapist must adjust the device to the exact dimensions of the patient and rehabilitation needs. It is also recommended that the physiotherapist must assemble the rehabilitation plan.

21. I am a health professional who wants to know more about RealWalker?

We have developed a device expecting that rehabilitation health personnel in general, and especially the professionals involved in rehabilitation, participates in the project.

Therefore, and as scientists we are open to receive feedback from all.

Moreover, we will also receive professionals to participate in current and future projects development. If you are interested, contact with our info@realwalker.com.ar mail and coordinate our schedules to meet.

22. Why is it better to use robotic rehabilitation?

The robotic equipment are tailored to the personal physical condition of the patient, adapt continuously and effectively therapy every day, along with the evolution or involution that the patient may present.

Humans can not repeat a move identically, this device is a robot and can do. Therefore each of the movements in assisting patient is identical, from the first to the millionth time to do so. This accuracy allows better learning in the brain and of the lower limbs, allowing faster recovery.

23. Is RealWalker a tool for clinical use?

Our device is a tool for clinical or sporting use, aimed at professionals in the physical rehabilitation sector therefore be used under medical supervision and monitoring. It is a product suitable for physical and neuronal rehabilitation incerebral palsy, spina bifida, stroke, spinal cord injury, hydrocephalus, hemiplegia, muscular dystrophy, elderly, Parkinson, diparesis spastic, quadriplegia, and Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases.

24. What kind of warranty support offered by the company?

In case of any problems that might arise, we have a dedicated support team dedicated to solving the doubts and inquiries by mail, telephone or Skype.

25. Is the robotic rehabilitation replacing the therapist?

No, actually all devices are tuned for each patient by therapists specializing in rehabilitation; Moreover, therapists must build special rehabilitation plan for each patient.

The device facilitates the work of the therapist but never replaced.

26. Can a child with cerebral palsy be totally independent?

This device does not magic. No serious rehabilitation program does.

This device is a tool that well used produces continuous improvement, top-down, from the brain to the legs. However, the basic principles on which it is based is as simple as walking, and it is the most effective rehabilitation method available today for patients who can not walk.

This is the only method that shows regeneration of the structural constraints that occur in the brain control system. We are still far from seen a quadriplegic child playing football, but each day brings us closer and in the right direction.

27. Why should I give LIKE on Facebook to RealWalker2013?

We are a very young company, we are just born in a world dominated by large corporations. We must tell the world that there is a scientific way to recover the walk, an economic option that allows patients rehabilitate them at home, at their own time, with all the energy that they and the family have.

This venture is unique and we must show the world. We all have acquaintances, friends or relatives who have been diagnosed with a problem that requires walk.

Therefore we ask that you please click on our Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/realwalker2013).



Entrepreneurs Tandil (Argentina) dedicated to research and development of highly innovative technological products, with extensive experience in applied research projects supported by international publications and technology transfer in applied computing.

The company that makes this device is founded by two researchers from the city of Tandil (Argentina) dedicated to applied research and innovation in computing.